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Making A Sticky?

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Making A Sticky? Empty Making A Sticky?

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:56 pm

How do you post a sticky or an announcement?
I went to the help website and it said that there should be an option at the bottom of my post.
I do not see it.


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Making A Sticky? Empty Re: Making A Sticky?

Post by Duane Shotwell on Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:30 am

Only moderatorss (Den Leader and Above) can make a sticky thread. Here is a quick explaination of what sticky threads are.

Q.1 What is Sticky thread?

A.1 A thread that always remains at the top of Page one even if new threads are posted...

Please note you can have more than one Sticky Thread

Q.2 Can they be removed or moved?

A.2 Yes like any other thread, the moderators in that section or a Super Moderator or Co-Admin have the ability to remove or move these threads.

They can also un-stick them

Q.3 Can everyone post them?

A.3 All posts when posted are Un-Stuck posts.

Sticky Threads are not posted and Any thread can be made a Sticky, the moderators in that section or a Super Moderator or Co-Admin ultimately decide if it will be stuck or remain un-stuck...

Q.4 What is special in them?

A.4 They are special because they are either updated regularly, have great or useful information, or are very important

Q.4 Did they help more?

A.5 I would hope so, I would like to think that we carefully select the threads we make Sticky for the benefit of all out members

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